Individuals Wanted for Hazardous Journey

Enrollment now open for Studio/E At The Hill program

How much time do you spend with people who are different from you? It’s easy to get stuck in your silo at work, learning and growing amongst individuals in the same industry with the same skillsets as you. This kind of co-mingling is the status quo. Too often, the backbone of workshops, networking events and trade shows is a common interest — attracting only those who fit a particular mold. This is not productive if you want to grow. Really grow. Grow the way the world and your community need you to grow. This is insular, and it’s not the most effective way to forge ahead and create the future you desire. (Side note: what is the future you desire? Make sure you know it).

With a commitment to continuous growth, we try not to fit that (or any) mold, and we’re happy to say our membership is diverse in many ways. Real learning happens when you spend time with people who have different experiences than you (see diverse and open networks) and we intentionally build our cohorts with that in mind. When we enroll for our cohorts, we ensure that each one has a powerful mix of personalities, experiences, insights, and networks. This is kind of co-mingling is productive. This fuels growth. This we take from polar explorer Ernest Shackleton, who put an ad in a London newspaper before an expedition saying men wanted for hazardous journey. Of his crew of 28 for his Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition, five men besides him were sailors. The remaining 22 crew members included a photographer, fireman, engineer, cook, expedition meteorologist, geologist, carpenter … you get the picture.

Ernest Shackleton is spoken about a century later not because he pursued his dreams and achieved his goals (he didn’t), but because he built an intentional team, faced horrific circumstances, persevered and brought the entire crew safely home. Would they have all made it back if his crew wasn’t as diverse? Who’s to say? What we will say is that Shackleton knew what he was doing when he curated his crew.

It’s this beautiful mix – this human cocktail, if you will – which fuels our excitement for launching the 26th cohort of our legacy program, Studio/E At The Hill, on Monday, September 24, 2018. Together, the folks of Cohort B2 will spend four full days at the historic James J. Hill Center practicing the Studio/E methodology, working with our structured tools and learning from fellow members in the cohort. We cannot wait to welcome Cohort A2 to Studio/E, and we invite you to follow along as members’ stories emerge here on the Studio/E blog.

Here are some images from an At The Hill session with Cohort Y.

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If you’d like to become a part of our diverse and ever-growing community of continuous learners, we still have spots available in Cohort A2. Visit our program page to learn more about this opportunity. Not ready in July? Our next Cohort launches in September.

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