#ideaSLAM Exhibitioners Round Two

In anticipation of our upcoming #ideaSLAM — an event during which five members will get up in front of a crowd and share their experience of successfully launching an idea — we would like to introduce you to the final presenters, Norm Domholt and Anne Spaeth:

Who: Norm Domholt, BlackDog Robotics LLC

What: A modular robotic system with superior data gathering and distribution capabilities. Initially developed with tactical applications in mind, BlackDog® Modular Robotics® provides a safe and reliable means to gather and distribute high quality data. The BlackDog® system utilizes a modular platform to offer a multitude of potential applications for the user, plus ease of maintenance and upgrade.

About Norm: Norm Domholt, a native Minnesotan, is the Founder and President of NPC Robotics and BlackDog Robotics LLC. In 1983 Norm started National Power Chair, a company which rebuilt and sold wheelchair motors to a national market. A reputation for producing “bullet proof” motors resulted in close affiliations with combat robot builders worldwide and numerous televised competitions. In 1997 NPC Robotics was established to better serve the needs of robot builders, but importantly also to develop new markets including the US Military. More recently, with years of proven success and experience in developing modular robotic systems for the US Military, Norm’s vision of a robot to help and support law enforcement in critical situations has been realized with the formation of BlackDog Robotics. Norm is closely involved with innovation and development of the modular robotic system which has grown into BlackDog Robotics LLC.

Who: Anne Spaeth | The Lynhall

What: The Lynhall is a multi-functional culinary destination which includes a cafe and marketplace, The Ambleside private event space, The Linney kitchen studio and Incubator Kitchen. We are inspired by food, drink, story-telling, community and people experiencing the richness of time together around a table. We believe in the importance of food and its power of strengthening families, friends and communities. Our goal is to enrich employees and customers through these experiences and empower our employees, customers and makers through opportunities for food incubation and exploration. At The Lynhall, we entertain, engage and invite people in as we celebrate taste, teaching and togetherness.

About Anne: Anne is a native of North Dakota whose early food influences included pizza, fast food and TV dinners and as such is an unlikely candidate for the food world. Her first job at the tender age of 15 was at the DQ and she can still make a mean DQ swirl.

Anne arrived in the Twin Cities in 1998 where she spent seven years practicing law including prosecuting child abuse and protection matters before having the opportunity to spend 5 years abroad in London. This afforded her the opportunity to experience cuisines from around the world, as well as travel extensively to experience local flavors and connect with other cultures through food in over 20 countries.

After returning to Minnesota and becoming a busy mom of three young boys, she yearned to replicate the relationships she experienced in London and to also provide artisan meal options for other busy families, professionals and empty nesters. Anne has spent the last five years working on behalf of vulnerable children affected by trauma ages 0-3 who are in the child protection and foster care system advocating for early intervention and trauma informed services.

Anne has a passion for travel and connecting with others through the love of food and culture. She is especially excited at the prospect of providing meal replacement for busy families such as her own and helping people achieve their vision and goal of having their own business through the Incubator Kitchen, as well as seeking out new and exciting local talent in the Twin Cities.

If you are interested in attending the #ideaSLAM (you need not be a member to come!) you can get your tickets here.

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