#ideaSLAM Expeditioners

We are throwing our first-ever #ideaSLAM on Tuesday, August 1, 2017. At this event, five Studio/E members are getting in front of a crowd to explain their experiences of bringing their ideas to life. These ideas include products, businesses and communities, and each story shows just how diverse idea expeditions can be.

Here is a sneak peak of a few of the ideas that will be featured at the #ideaSLAM:

Who: Molly Mogren Katt | Namakan Fur

What: Namakan Fur bridges the gap between winter style and comfort, from the head down. Our first product is our original fur ruff– a stunning, American-made faux fur ruff that attaches to any hood with a magnetic design, adding a luxe and personal touch to your winter coat. Plus, a fur ruff keeps you warmer by creating an extra buffer between you and the cold. Simple!

About Molly: From hiking the Antarctic Peninsula, to outrunning a hyena in South Africa and even driving a street-legal monster truck through Des Moines, Iowa — Molly never turns down an opportunity to do something crazy. She worked as Andrew Zimmern‘s right-hand for eight years, running his digital media and co-writing three books. These days, she’s a freelance writer, blogger, and a co-founder of Namakan Fur, a Minnesota based outdoor clothing startup. Her blog, Hey Eleanor!, chronicles her experiences making every day an adventure. She lives in Minneapolis with her husband (Josh), daughter (Arlene), dog (Patsy) and kitty (Bogart).

Who: Vikas Narula | Keyhubs Voice – Giving employees voice and agency in their own growth.

What: Traditional, annual surveys and 360s are a thing of the past. Top-down, snap-shots in time. It’s time to go real-time, all the time! Empower your employees and give them agency in their own growth – keep a pulse on the health of your organization. Take a look at what’s possible with Keyhubs Voice and help us make it better!

About Vikas: Vikas is an entrepreneur. After spending 15 years in the start-up world, Vikas stumbled-on his own business idea (Keyhubs), while completing an MBA at Duke University.  He nurtured the idea for a couple of years before quitting his job in 2009 to pursue it full-time. Keyhubs® is a software and services company specializing in the power and wisdom of human networks, connection, and crowd-sourced sentiment. He is also founder of Neighborhood Forest – a social venture dedicated to giving free trees to schoolchildren every Earth Day.

Vikas lives with his wife and two boys in Minneapolis.

Who: Jackie Colburn | Design Sprints

What: A Design Sprint is a time-constrained, human-centered, collaborative design effort. Design Sprints are made up of three ingredients: Focus: A commitment to solving the problem in a given timeframe; Empathy: For the people you are creating a solution for; Making: Make choices, make pictures, make prototypes.

Rather than staying stuck, or not making progress due to stops and starts, Design Sprints harness and focus a team’s energy on solving a problem quickly and align around a clear vision and plan to bring it to life.

About Jackie: Jackie has been leading the creation of digital experiences for a decade; everything from emerging startups to critical strategic efforts for fortune 50 businesses. Jackie spent six years in client leadership and strategy at GoKart Labs, where she led clients and teams in developing new business ideas and bringing them to market. She has proven that openness and optimism accelerate our collective potential to make great things happen, and through her work has found a formula for bringing that potential to life.

If you are interested in hearing how Vikas created Keyhubs Voice, Jackie began doing design Design Sprints and Molly launched Namakan Fur, you should join us at the Studio/E #ideaSLAM. Get your tickets here. (Even if you are not a Studio/E member, this is a great opportunity to see what our membership program is all about. You will be able to meet many of our incredible members and hear five different stories about what it took to successfully launch an idea. Whether you’ve been sitting on an idea for years or you’re a seasoned idea producer, we invite you to join us for this fun event).

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