Knowledge Box: Leadership and Impact

To put things into perspective and get some wind behind our sails as we enter 2018, we are focusing this month’s items on leadership that matters and spreading positive impact.

Here’s what this month’s box is filled with:


  1. No Barriers. By the time author Erik Weinemhyer hit 33, Erik joined the extremely exclusive club (under 100 members) who have climbed each of the highest peaks on each of the seven continents. Mighty impressive. But what we didn’t mention is that Erik is blind and ambitious in all the right ways. He created No Barriers USA, whose mission is “to unleash the potential of the human spirit” and focuses its wonderful programming on youth, disabled veterans and their families.
  2. Bucket List Adventure Journal. While you’re out on your own adventures, make sure that you record all the good stuff. Made by a local MN company, Woodchuck USA, you can enjoy the fact that a tree will be planted with every purchase. A neat addition is that they include a code that allows you track where your tree was planted.
  3. Real Leadership. Don’t have any plans to climb the seven tallest summits on the globe anytime soon? No problem, because there are so many other ways to inspire and create important impact. Page through this month’s magazine, Real Leaders, and enjoy the first magazine devoted to sustainable business and leadership. These folks show that you can do well and do good all at the same time.
  4. Bombas Socks. An important element of leadership is ensuring that the neediest in our communities aren’t forgotten, like those without permanent shelter. So, put your feet where your empathetic heart is and try on these socks. For every pair purchased, a pair is donated to a homeless shelter and the donated socks are specifically engineered with more durable materials and other specifically designed features.
  5. SoapBox Soap. Keeping clean can be difficult for this population as well, so we’re also including hand soap from Soapbox Soap which converts every purchase into a donation of soap and hygiene education to homeless shelters and food pantries across the nation.
  6. Play Hard Give Back Trail Mix. Combat December’s chill with a handful or two of this month’s snack. Co-founded by a University of St. Thomas grad, this company turns every purchase into meal donations for No Kid Hungry. And if that weren’t enough, they also partner with Hope Sports to build homes for those in need.
  7. City Girl Coffee. What’s a good snack without a good beverage, right? This is a Duluth-based company that sources their beans exclusively from women-owned farms and cooperatives. A portion of profits is donated to their partners, who offer support, resources, and education to women, who play an integral role in the sustainable coffee production.
  8. Keep the North Cold Mug. Have fun sipping from this mug when you’re done brewing that delicious cup of Joe(sephine?). Sold by local retailer Askov Finlayson, their Keep the North Cold campaign addresses an important issue for us all: our region is experiencing warming trends at a faster pace than anywhere else in the country. No jokes, please. The cold helps create our warm-hearted communities!

Exploration is key to success in today’s rapidly changing world. One component of exploration is trying new things. As part of our Studio/E Masters program, we send out Knowledge Boxes to provide our members with opportunities to continue to explore during the months that we don’t meet. The Knowledge Boxes are made up of hand-selected books, magazines, gadgets, snacks and other items we find relevant that month — all revolving around a theme.

Happy exploring!

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