Knowledge Box: Mindset

What does it take to break boundaries, defy limits and fearlessly explore into the great unknown? Mindset. With the right Mindset, you can overcome anything.

Every other month we send our Masters members a Knowledge Box with items curated around a specific theme. Our last box was about Mindset, so we searched high and low for items to fit that theme. Here are the tools we chose to propel you into the right Mindset:


1. Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl. A beautiful, if poignant, illustration of how much power your Mindset holds. (This book is also part of Studio/E’s required reading).

2. Best Made Co. MAPS Notebook. So you can chart your own course, wherever it may take you. We included an example of how we use the notebook.

3. Poppin Pens. Color-code your map with these fine tip pens.

4. Suunto Compass. Because every explorer needs a compass.

5. Topo Designs Accessory Bag. Keep your mapping utensils in one place with this made-in-the-USA pack.

6. Best Made Co. Enamel Sign. Let this sign remind you every day that you are not only capable of – but responsible for – doing good.

7. RXBars. Because great navigation requires good fuel.

8. RANGE Magazine and The Explorer’s Journal. The stories and photos within these publications all have one thing in common: the Mindsets needed for “thriving, not just surviving,” impact, and true exploration.

Next time you take off on an adventure, don’t forget to pack the right Mindset. Happy navigating.

PS: You don’t need books, RXBars or pens to adopt the Mindset required to create the outcomes you desire. But you do need to be clear about what you want.

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