Knowledge Box: Motivation

There is something about the changing seasons that is very motivating. Maybe it’s the respite from the heat, maybe it’s the striking colors, the chili or the football. Whatever it is, fall finds us feeling motivated, which is why we’ve dedicated October’s Knowledge Box to this theme. Each of the items in this month’s box were hand-picked because they packed some motivation in them. Here’s what this month’s box is filled with:


  1. The Crossroads of Should and Must. Author Elle Luna posted an essay on with the same title as this book. After reaching a quarter of a million people in just a few weeks, Luna decided her post was worth something and turned it into a book. 155 pages of quotes, stories and beautiful illustrations, this book will certainly leave you feeling motivated.
  2. Tegu Pocket Pouch Prism. This gadget is comprised of six magnetic wooden blocks that can be assembled in innumerable ways. It serves to keep your hands and minds busy, and we like it as a reminder of how much is possible. If these blocks can create so many new shapes, imagine where your brilliant ideas can take you.
  3. Dream Pop-open Cards. This month’s Knowledge Box was designed to motivate you, and these dream cards are meant for you to pass the good energy on. Inside this box you will find 30 little cards with special messages inside. Hand them out to your employees, colleagues, friends and family, and motivate them with these dreamy words.
  4. Studio/E Shirts. These shirts were made in collaboration with Hands & Feet, a company run by Studio/E member Eric Elwer and his wife Susan. The creation of this company was inspired by the fact that 1 in 6 children in Minnesota face hunger issues daily. For each purchase, 50% of profits are given to non-profits in our community. We included these shirts in the Knowledge Box because Eric and Susan’s story is one of inspiration, and we hope it will motivate you to chase after that idea that’s been brewing inside your head.
  5. doTERRA mints. These are not your ordinary mints. Little beadlets of menthe piperita, an essential oil, they give you bursts of intense flavor and excitement. When you find yourself downward spiraling or in need of a change of state, pop one of these.
  6. The Great Discontent. This magazine is straight-up stunning and is packed cover-to-cover with interviews with artists, makers and risk-takers – just like all of you. If the stories don’t motivate you (they will), then the imagery and design should do the trick.
  7. Thumbs Cookies. These delicious little cookies are a product of Studio/E member Robyn Frank’s business. Growing up, she used to watch her mother make these little cookies, and today you can find them online and in many local stores

Our next Knowledge Box goes out to Studio/E Masters members in December. We will share our curated contents then.

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