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True growth and learning comes from interacting with people who have different experiences, knowledge and relationships.

Studio/E is made up of a diverse and trusted community of successful leaders. The diversity of our community creates a powerful asset for our members.

In the Studio/E membership community, leadership takes many forms and is made up of creatives, fortune 100 executives, entrepreneurs, artists, authors, activists, faith-based leaders, small business owners, nonprofit leaders and politicians.

Our community is made up of 500 people and growing. Below we have highlighted a few of our extraordinary members.


“It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that anything you do needs to be at a really big scale. I think a way to go faster is to ask ‘What do I already have available that can put my idea into action?’”

Tiffany Snyder, Chief Information Officer, Cargill Animal Nutrition Enterprise


“Put yourself out there to connect for good, and good things will happen.”

Lars Leafblad, Co-Founder and Principal, Ballinger | Leafblad Inc.


“If change is happening faster outside our company than it is inside our company, we will go out of business.”

Jackie Gibney, President & CEO, Jacobs Marketing


“Know yourself. Identify what you love to do and what you’re good at. Then go all in on that.”

Jared Hanks, Outreach and Engagement, Juxtaposition Arts; Founder, Helping Hands Brothers


“I’ve never thought of what I don’t have, only of what I have. People who live in lack are not moving. Stop and look at your pile of stuff: Who have you met? What have you learned along the way?”

Norm Domholt, President, NPC Robotics


“Leadership is not a title; it’s an action. We each have within us the opportunity and responsibility to lead.”

Irene Fernando, Talent Lead for the Church Solutions Group at Thrivent; Students Today Leaders Forever Co-Founder



We offer a variety of events, each designed to inspire, invoke curiosity, ignite adventure, and foster new and deepen old relationships. We throw bi-annual celebratory parties for the membership, bring in highly regarded speakers, regularly host private tours of exhibits at the Minneapolis Institute of Art, and take members out of their comfort zones on adventure-style events. No matter the event, it is designed to help members connect with powerful ideas.



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