Our programs are built to support individual growth and competency through practice. Members work independently and with each other during virtual sessions to provide one another perspective and guidance.

Programs for Individuals


Studio/E Compass workbookStudio/E EXPEDITION | virtual edition

Studio/E Expedition is a 90-day virtual experience. Your journey begins by joining a cohort that contains a powerful mix of personalities, experiences, insights, and networks. You will also become a part of an assigned mastermind group to foster connection in a more intimate setting. This learning community is a powerful asset for ongoing connection, ideation, problem-solving, and discovery.

Our curriculum focuses on experiential learning applied to real ideas. You will develop a powerful mindset critical to successful exploration and navigation and will focus on bringing your unique ideas to life as you learn to lead more effectively.

Upcoming expedition launch – Cohort 32

Tuesday, 7/28/2020 – Tuesday, 8/26/2020 – Tuesday, 9/29/2020 – Tuesday, 10/27/2020


Studio/E Explorers is for those who wish to remain connected to our ever-growing community. This experience is an ongoing membership for graduates of Studio/E Expedition, designed for those looking to continue their journey with the Studio/E community through regular interaction supported by additional experiences and resources.

Membership includes

  • Monthly Explorers Breakfasts – Virtual two-hour breakfast sessions to check-in with fellow Explorers and guide one another on your idea launches and challenges.
  • Optional Mastermind Groups – Opt-in to be assigned to a small peer group to inspire, advise, and solve problems together.
  • Explorer’s Legend – A monthly digital experience including curated content, custom playlists, and Exploratory Leadership tools to help you create a more prosperous future.
  • Access to Studio/E events and workshops.

To qualify for the Studio/E Explorers membership, you must be a graduate of the Studio/E Expedition program.

Membership Fee: $175 per month



Studio/E Endurance is an executive-level membership program for graduates of Studio/E Expedition. In addition to the member benefits enjoyed during theExpedition experience (listed above), Endurance includes an intimate learning and advisory forum shared by a hand-selected and diverse peer group of leaders, coupled with deeper mastery of Exploratory Leadership and the Studio/E Method. Unleash your potential and learn your way forward to discover more possibility and drive value creation for your organization and beyond.

Membership includes

  • Monthly Endurance group meetings
  • Eight free Studio/E Method Workshops per year
  • Involvement in a monthly mastermind group
  • Access to the Studio/E Clubhouse
  • Forty percent discount on Clubhouse rental
  • Access to Studio/E events
  • Thirty percent discount on partner events
  • Knowledge Boxes mailed to you bi-monthly

To qualify for the Studio/E Endurance membership, you must be a graduate of the Studio/E Expedition program.

Membership Fee: $695 per month


Programs for Organizations


Studio/E Organizations program


Transformational learning experiences for your organization to develop and practice the foundational elements of exploration.


Going beyond development, these experiences leverage the Studio/E method and connect leaders from across your organization to bring new ideas to life and accelerate value creation.

All of our programs for organizations are custom and we will work with you to design the best approach for your team and organization based on the outcomes you aim to achieve.


Studio/E equips individuals and organizations to better navigate change so they can bring their greatest value into the world. Our methodology is based on years of practice and collaboration with our partners.


"Studio/E started with Babson’s Entrepreneurial Thought & ActionTM as the starter kit and has activated it into a unique method and practice that has launched one of the most diverse, powerful and one-of-a-kind communities ever."

Cheryl Kiser

Executive Dir. The Lewis Institute
Babson Social Innovation Lab

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