We believe that exploration is essential for leaders to thrive in today’s rapidly changing world.

Studio/E exists to equip individuals and organizations with the experiences, practices, tools and community needed for exploration.


Our Origin Story




Tom Wiese | Co-Founder

Tom is passionate about helping people create the future they desire. He’s been designing tools and teaching people how to successfully explore, launch and navigate their lives and businesses for three decades. While Tom is serious about his mission to enhance people’s lives, his animated and humorous approach to every interaction make spending time with Tom feel like play.

Prior to launching Studio/E, Tom had a thriving law practice based on the simple philosophy: The value of your life is the sum total of its deals. Tom worked with his clients to conceive, design, and negotiate better deals, while also teaching and providing methods, frameworks and tools to improve their practices in these areas.

Today, Tom designs Studio/E’s tools, methods and experiences, and can be found leading members and organizations navigating change so they can bring their greatest value into the world. Outside of Studio/E, Tom can be found fearlessly exploring with his family: hiking, skiing, sporting – but above all, sharing in the great adventure of life with love, laughter and playfulness every step of the way.


Nate Garvis | Co-Founder

Nate is both an explorer and a guide. He spent 18 years at Target as V.P of Government Affairs and Senior Civic Officer prior to launching Studio/E with Tom. Nate believes in the power of institutional energy to build vibrant, prosperous communities and has spent his years weaving people together with that goal in mind.

Members and organizational leaders lean on Nate to provide counsel as they navigate change and move toward growth. Nate’s depth of expertise in healthcare, academia and philanthropy, blended with his rich experience in business, government and politics and his deep connections produce incredible results for everyone who has the opportunity to partner with him.

Nate’s creative exploration abounds. He brings dynamic energy and thought-provoking inquiry to every conversation he has. His personal exploration includes hiking and skiing in the mountains, international travel with his family, creating new music, exquisite cuisine and hanging out with his two favorite people in the world: his daughters.


Meet The Team

Stiles Anderson | President

Before joining the Studio/E family, Stiles spent 12 years launching, leading and advising organizations. From startups, to manufacturing, to agriculture; he’s been a senior leader, advisor and advisory board member to organizations of all shapes and sizes. Stiles’ path has been winding but along the way, he’s been driven by one thing: creating impact through proactive leadership, sound strategy, and deliberate execution.

Stiles joined Studio/E in 2016 and hasn’t looked back. He is the President of Studio/E and leads strategy, operations and finance. That doesn’t mean you won’t see him at Studio/E community events or taking the helm leading learning experiences. Stiles cherishes his time guiding and connecting with members. And if you are looking for guidance on wines to try, he’s got those too!

When he’s not with Studio/E members or colleagues, you’ll often find Stiles adventuring with the three most important people in his life; his wife and three children. They enjoy spending time in the mountains of Park City, Utah or at home with their energetic dog, George.


Kolina Cicero | Creative + Editorial

Kolina is a natural born storyteller and has been telling stories for as long as she can remember. Her love of language and the written word led her to study journalism, communications AND Italian. Why not study all three?

She heads up the Studio/E blog and authors the Studio/E column, Navigating Change, for the Minnesota Business Magazine; making sure that the stories of Studio/E members reach far and wide.

In her spare time you can find her with a good book in one hand and her sweet baby, Frankie, in the other and when Kolina is not with her family, she’s finding balance in a hot vinyasa class over at Corepower Yoga or planning her next international adventure.


Lori Hall | Administration

Prior to joining the Studio/E team Lori ran a business as a professional organizer. “Organized” is Lori’s way of being. When she was little, you could find her organizing rocks and stuffed animals into categories in her room!

Today, Lori ensures that everyone and everything at Studio/E runs as smoothly as possible. She manages calendars, keeps the office in order and handles finance administration.

Outside of the office, Lori spends time with her family, which fills her up to overflowing every single day. She loves to stay active with yoga, biking, walking and weight training. Between her active pursuits, you’ll find Lori cozied up on the couch lost in a book or needlework project.


Tawnee Rebhuhn | Member Services + Community Builder

Tawnee has been building communities for years. Her superpower is her magnetism (and her attention to every last detail!) Tawnee welcomes Studio/E members with her warmth and is a point-person every step of the way.

She’s a natural born connector and skilled communicator. Before joining Studio/E, she built the Startup weekend community in Seattle and the COCO community here in the Twin Cities.

She cultivates connection outside of work through her involvement with local theater and through her passion for cooking. For Tawnee, there’s nothing better than planning and preparing a good meal to share with friends and family on a Saturday night.


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