Our next Studio/E At the Hill cohorts embark on their expeditions February of 2018

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Partner Spotlight: Jump Associates

The Studio/E at the Hill experience is broken down into four days, each day focusing on a different competency. On day one we learn about Current Means, or utilizing what we have at hand to take our first step toward our ideas. Day two we learn about Ideation, or making our ideas uniquely valuable to their users. We learn about Boundaries on day three (assessing what we are willing to invest in our ideas in order to take the next step) and on day four we learn about Enrolling others into our ideas because we’ve identified their self-interest in them.

From the very beginning we have partnered with an outfit based out of San Mateo, California called Jump Associates for our day two experience. This strategy and innovation firm has partnered with the world’s most admired companies to help crack their biggest growth challenges and respond quickly to pressing market issues. Jump’s clients include Target, Samsung, GE and Nike, to name a few of the most recognizable names.

We’ve have had the pleasure of welcoming Jump Principal Ryan Baum to the Studio year after year to shed some light on the ideation process. This week while working with cohorts T and U, Ryan covered such matters as generating ideas, the importance of bad ideas, framing ideas with user needs and a lot more. We will elaborate on Ideation in a future date, but for today we want to thank Ryan Baum, Dev Patnaik and everyone else at Jump for their loyal, reliable partnership.It’s no secret that we are proud to offer learning from a company like this in the Studio, and our experience at the Hill would not be the same without them.

[Cover photo: Ryan Baum from Jump Associates teaching Cohort U about ideation]