Studio/E GPS Recap

Guest post by Jared Hanks

For about a year, I’ve been working with Studio/E to produce a personal and professional leadership program specifically tailored for youth. After my Studio/E At the Hill experience, I approached the Studio/E team in hopes of creating a program to help young people gain clarity around the next chapters of their lives as they navigate into the unknown (and ever-changing) future – whether they are transitioning out of high school, taking a gap year, exploring next steps after college, starting a business, etc.

The program we created is called Studio/E GPS – GPS being an acronym for Grounded Purpose System. It functions as a three-day workshop series, and as is the case with all Studio/E programming, it equips curious and motivated individuals with the Mindset, Practices, and Tools for success in creating the future they desire.

The program takes place over the course of three months, meeting one Saturday each month. Throughout their experience, the participants:

  1. Identify and articulate their vision for the future they desire
  2. Create a purpose statement to keep them grounded on their journey
  3. Build self-awareness and self-confidence to inform their self-direction
  4. Build community with a diverse network of like-minded peers

Like many great explorations, we began early this past summer with a beta cohort and a very full day. The feedback was so positive and encouraging that we expanded from offering a one day experience to three days.

This past weekend, we launched the first session of GPS. The Studio/E Clubhouse was full of the young energy of folks who are in the earlier stages of creating meaningful and impactful lives. To say we had a diverse cohort would be an understatement. The space held a cross-section of young adults from all types of backgrounds, experiences, and mindsets. We had artists, designers, aspiring entrepreneurs, athletes, activists, college students, single parents, etc. But more than the diversity of the group, the quality of individuals we had was nothing short of amazing.

The day started with one-on-one interviews where participants shared and listened to one another’s stories – including their family background, current interests, and future goals. From there, they developed their own purpose statements based on passions and how they wanted to position that purpose in the world. They journeyed into their individual futures with a guided meditation and visualization exercise.  By the end of the day, each participant left with a fleshed-out GPS map; fully equipped to move them from where they are to where they want to be.

We admire the energy, engagement and openness participants shared on Day One.  We cannot wait to meet again on Day Two and continue the journey with these curious and courageous explorers.

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