The Obstacle is the Way

To be courageous means to live with heart. Weak souls live in their heads and create security by thinking they dictate certainty in a world that is uncertain. People that live courageously travel into the unknown and find new meaning, discover ways to help others and create approaches on how to manage life’s dilemmas. Within…

On Presence

Each month we choose a subject to base our content, events and learning on, and this month we are focusing on presence. Presence is as important as your mindset and it has enormous impact. Amy Cuddy, whose TED Talk has over 41 million views, is author of the book Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest…

The Unofficial Part VII of Big Magic

We recently wrote a blog post about four things we learned from Elizabeth Gilbert’s new book, Big Magic. The truth is that we learned a lot more than we shared with readers, but we boiled it down to four takeaways.

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