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The Explorer's Moment: Move with What You Have


When things become unknown, leaders create possibility. There has never been a more important time for leaders just like you. It is time to explore new thinking, launch new ideas, and navigate new pathways.

Phil Hansen on Challenges and Self-Limiting Beliefs


When faced with a challenge, Phil Hansen asks himself what his role is within it.

Start With What You Have


Current Means is asset-based thinking that enables you to focus and use what you have right now to get your ideas into action quickly.

Jimmy Chin on New Experiences and Current Means


Academy Award-winning filmmaker, National Geographic photographer, and mountain sports athlete Jimmy Chin talks with Studio/E about how he draws on past experiences to prepare himself for the unknown (we call this Current Means).

Tyler Fish - Move With What You Have


Polar explorer Tyler Fish sits down with Nate Garvis of Studio/E and they talk about…

Tyler Fish: Move With What You Have


Polar explorer Tyler Fish on moving with what you have.

Dan Roam: Visualize the Quest You're On


Dan Roam visits with Nate Garvis of Studio/E and they talk about how visualization is…

Your Ideas Matter


We know that you have an idea inside of you. We are here to tell you that your ideas matter.

Power and Beauty: A Studio/E Tour at Mia


What separates good leaders from the great? Art.

Thinking Big, Acting Small


Cargill executive on operating as an entrepreneur within a large organization.

Creating Networks with Gardner Builders


When Bob Gardner, CEO of Gardner Builders, asked us if we could help him and his…

You Have Your Own Answers


The answers needed to find success are within us all, but sometimes it takes the right person to pull them out. Throughout her time in HR at Cargill and now Fluke Corporation, Studio/E member Tiana Martin has done just that — help employees extract their own answers from within.

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