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Guy Kawasaki: Go High and to the Right


Guy Kawasaki's best advice: Go high and to the right.

The Explorer's Moment: Ideate with Empathy


As humans, we have this amazing ability to see something that doesn’t even exist yet, then bring it into reality. Which is pretty important in times like these because we need to see a better future. And a way to create a better future is through ideation.

Artist Phil Hansen on What he Wants his Users to Feel


Part of the Ideation process is defining what you want your users to feel when they experience your art. Here's how artist Phil Hansen thinks about it.

Artist Phil Hansen on Process and Creativity


From found objects to impermanent art, Phil Hansen talks about process and creativity.

Get to Know Your User


Three questions to help you get to know your user.

What Makes Your Idea of Unique Value to its Users?


Differentiating yourself in a busy and chaotic environment happens when you produce truly valuable Ideas, which are fueled by your Desire and empathetically designed for the needs of your user.

How to Tell Stories that Stick


Successful books, films, and companies all have something in common: exceptional storytelling. It isn’t enough to simply be and do good; the being and doing good must be shared.

Jimmy Chin on What Makes a "Jimmy Chin" Project


Academy Award-winning filmmaker, National Geographic photographer, and mountain sports athlete Jimmy Chin talks with Studio/E about how his projects become the only of their kind -- a key to ideation.

How (and Why) to Make a Bucket List


Four steps to creating an actionable (and amazing) bucket list.

The Passover Principal


The Passover Principal with Studio/E and Priya Parker

The Art of Gathering Recap - Studio/E


A recap of our Hero Speaker event with Priya Parker.

This Writer and Director Wants to Change the Way We Consume Media


A Q&A with award-winning film writer and director Eric D. Howell.

The Future of Business is Visual


Visual communicator Dan Roam talks about why the future of business is visual.

Breaking Through the Surgical Care Continuum


This anesthesiologist is bringing innovation to the U.S. healthcare market.

Power and Beauty: A Studio/E Tour at Mia


What separates good leaders from the great? Art.

Found in Translation: Fireside Chat with Citizens League Executive Director Pahoua Hoffman


Fleeing to America as a young refugee in 1976, Pahoua Hoffman found herself in kindergarten…

Growing the Minnesota Food Hub: Q&A with Chad Gillard of Midwest Pantry


A blossoming food epicenter of the Midwest, Minnesota is rapidly gaining traction as the place to start…

Learning to Disagree: Q&A with Citizens League Executive Director Pahoua Hoffman


The tsunami of political "angertainment" is headed our way, and with an unusually large number…

Event Recap: #ideaSLAM


Thank you to everyone who showed up to the #ideaSLAM. It was gratifying for us…

#ideaSLAM Expeditioners


We are throwing our first-ever #ideaSLAM on Tuesday, August 1, 2017. At this event, five Studio/E members are getting in front of a crowd to explain their experiences of bringing their ideas to life. These ideas include products, businesses and communities, and each story shows just how diverse idea expeditions can be. Here is a sneak peak of a few of the ideas that will be featured at the #ideaSLAM:

Announcing the Studio/E #ideaSLAM


We are very excited to announce our first-ever public event, the Studio/E #ideaSLAM! Throughout the…

Partner Spotlight: Jump Associates


The Studio/E at the Hill experience is broken down into four days, each day focusing…

Everyone Needs a Monster


Last week we took a tour through one of the most unusual but equally fascinating…

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