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20 Things to Know About Stress, Movement, and Positive Action Right Now


Stress is omnipresent. We all experience it at times, no matter how good we are at managing it. Sometimes our stress can be exacerbated (like when everything feels uncertain, for example), but it's important to understand that stress isn't exactly a bad thing. As it turns out, stress is actually energy manifested in our bodies and brains to help us take positive action when we feel overwhelmed.

What We Learned About Stress from Health Psychologist Dr. Kelly McGonigal


This new reality is stressful for the vast majority of us, and this stress most of us are experiencing can be paralyzing. But there are ways to actually use this stress to our benefit.

Guy Kawasaki's Take on Mindset


Bestselling author, podcaster, and Chief Evangelist for Canva, Guy Kawasaki talks about the power of Mindset.

10 Lessons from Guy Kawasaki’s Book, Wise Guy


There are easily more than 100 pieces of wisdom in this book, and all of it is contextualized by Guy’s practiced storytelling and entertaining life. We suggest reading the book yourself, as his lessons become even more applicable in conjunction with his great stories, but for the purposes of this post we’ve collected 10 of our favorites:

Artist Phil Hansen's Incredible Mindset Shift


Artist Phil Hansen talks about the mindset shift he underwent when he learned about permanent nerve damage in his hand, resulting in a tremor.

Jimmy Chin on the Mindset Required for Filmmaking


Academy Award-winning filmmaker, National Geographic photographer, and mountain sports athlete Jimmy Chin talks with Studio/E about the mindset required for filmmaking.

Q&A with Filmmaker and Mountaineer Jimmy Chin


We sit down with Academy Award-winning filmmaker, National Geographic photographer and mountain sports athlete, Jimmy Chin, for a Q&A.

Venues Have Scripts


Venues Have Scripts with Studio/E and Priya Parker

The Utility of a Name


Priya Parker, Author of The Art of Gathering, sits down with Nate Garvis to talk…

Learning is Better than Being Learned


10 practices to incorporate into your everyday so you can go from being learned to being a learner.

Lean into Your Limits: A Q&A with Artist Phil Hansen


We spoke with artist Phil Hansen about his love for creating, how he reframed his limiting beliefs, and how others can embrace their own limits.

How to Be an Explorer


Exploration is key to survival. Here are five simple ways to be an explorer.

Embrace Limits to Become Limitless


How artist Phil Hansen turned his limitation into a career-launching strength.

Ingrid Fetell Lee on the Mindset of Joy


Designer and author Ingrid Fetell Lee talks about the Mindset of joy.

Drive Your Own Delight: Q&A with Joy Seeker Ingrid Fetell Lee


As makers of our own luck, joy is actually something we can design for. But how?

What Story Are You Telling Yourself?


Mindset is the most powerful tool you possess. It is the narrator of the stories you tell yourself and it helps shape the world around you.

Tyler Fish - Move With What You Have


Polar explorer Tyler Fish sits down with Nate Garvis of Studio/E and they talk about…

Dan Roam: Clarity is About Vision


Our guest Dan Roam sits down with Nate Garvis, of Studio/E, to discuss how clarity and…

Celebrate What's Right With the World


Your Mindset is the lens through which you see the world. It is so powerful…

The Mindset of an Essentialist with Greg McKeown


Greg McKeown sits down with Tom Wiese and chats about the mindset of an essentialist

The Importance of Mindset


In conjunction with our friends at Jacobs Marketing, we brought John O’Leary to Minneapolis for…

Scars and Why We Need Them


In conjunction with our friends at Jacobs Marketing, we brought John O’Leary to Minneapolis for…

Man's Search for Meaning


We read a lot of books. The topics we consume are vast, but there are…

Knowledge Box: Mindset


What does it take to break boundaries, defy limits and fearlessly explore into the great unknown? Mindset. With the right Mindset, you can overcome anything.

Four Things we Learned from Big Magic


Takeaways from this important read.

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