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Hold Tight to Your Purpose, Play Loose with Your Tactics


Advice from a global top futurist about the number one thing to do in this time of uncertainty.

Guy Kawasaki’s Litmus Test for Purpose


Guy Kawasaki runs his purpose through a litmus test -- and shares it with all of us.

The Explorer's Moment: Purpose


Purpose has been proven to be critical in your success, both professionally and personally. It has three important utilities.

How Guy Kawasaki’s Purpose has Moved his Career Forward


Author and Chief Evangelist at Canva Guy Kawasaki talks about being clear on his Purpose and how that has moved his career forward.

Earn Your Influence in 2020


Influence is something you need to continuously work to earn. Here are seven ways to earn your influence in 2020.

Mind the Magic Number


Mind the Magic Number with Studio/E and Priya Parker

Venues Have Scripts


Venues Have Scripts with Studio/E and Priya Parker

Power and Love


Author Priya Parker on the beautiful interplay between power and love in all systems.

The Passover Principal


The Passover Principal with Studio/E and Priya Parker

Turn a Space into a Place


Priya Parker, Author of The Art of Gathering, sits down with Nate Garvis to talk…

Knowing Your Purpose


In conjunction with our friends at Jacobs Marketing, we brought John O’Leary to Minneapolis for…

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