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In 2010 while on a hike in Aspen, Nate Garvis and Tom Wiese discussed a common threat that linked many of their stressed-out friends: the speed of change and the ambiguity that goes with it. They noticed that their friends, many of them leaders, were stuck but were still operating in their old ways. After five and a half hours and many ideas going back and forth, the seed of Studio/E was planted.

Today, our Studio/E at the Hill program has 20 cohorts of 24 diverse members each. Members are lawyers, designers, dancers and educators. They are accountants, politicians, CEOs, pastors and rabbis. They run the gamut, but more important than their titles are their demeanors. Each member is interesting, interested, community-minded and decidedly not an asshole. We say this as fact because this is the filter through which we run all prospective members. We are not exclusive, but we pick our members wisely because the Studio is a trusted place. It’s where we show our scars and do things we are afraid of; an opportunity to break into the unknown with the love and support of a community.

We have launched a blog because every day we hear of new inspiring ideas our members are working on. Because we read so many good books that we want to recommend but don’t have the vehicle to do so. Because we want to share what we’ve learned over the years working with hundreds of folks who are stuck, but who have so much passion and so many great ideas that they need to move forward.

We hope you’ll follow along this journey with us, every single week. Welcome aboard.

— The Studio/E team from left to right: Lori, Beth, Nate, Stiles, Kolina, Tom and Tawnee

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