• Exploration is essential to thrive
    in today's rapidly changing world.


Welcome to Studio/E: Great Minds Navigating Change.


Studio/E Provides Exploratory Leadership Programs for leaders and organizations to create a more prosperous future.



Exploratory Leadership is the art of motivating people, including yourself, to effectively travel into the unknown to discover more possibility.


Studio/E: Where Leaders and Ideas Go Places.

As business models rapidly expire, the speed of technology increases, and customers’ expectations change at an alarming pace, leaders are being challenged to remain relevant and effectively lead in new ways.


Studio/E equips leaders with the proven practices of Exploratory Leadership to:


Effectively lead, explore, and navigate change


Confidently take smart action to launch innovative and sustainable ideas


Successfully navigate with a trusted network across diverse industries

“You only have to spend one day here to understand what the journey is likely to look like.”

Liwanag Ojala

CEO, Caring Bridge

“Studio/E has helped us transform our businesses, our lives, and the entire museum.”

Kristin Prestegaard

Chief Public Engagement Officer, Minneapolis Institute of Arts

"Every session that we have, we’re exposed to a new thought leader, a new approach to thinking through a problem."

Julie Guggemos

SVP Product Design and Brand Management, Target

"Exploratory Leadership is about building the mindset for being open, being curious, being comfortable with not knowing. It’s a process and it comes to you as you’re on the path."

Christine Moore

CHRO, Allina Health

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